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How a Banker’s Powerful Prose Inspired the Community

For the employees at Denali State Bank, the impact of COVID-19 on customers was personal. This poem, written by a bank employee, was dedicated to seniors in the community. In Alaska, grandparents play a cultural role in the lives of their grandchildren. The impact on both grandparents and grandchildren as social distancing kept them apart was significant—especially in circumstances that warranted family members to serve as caregivers. This inspired Denali State Bank to give these customers the attentive care they deserved. 

The bank shared this poem on their Facebook page as a means of community outreach, engagement and authenticity. As part of this social media post, they introduced a giveaway called the Family Togetherness Giveaway, which would provide gift cards from local businesses, also bank customers, to promote family togetherness activities as soon as families could gather again. 

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