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Utah: Banks’ Economic Impact

Banks support Utah’s economy with consumer, business and other loans, and by providing more than 28,000 people with a rewarding place to work.

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  • 28,347Employees

  • $3 BTotal Annual Compensation & Benefits

  • $104,562Average Total Compensation & Benefits

  • 41Banks Headquartered in State

Helping Women Shatter the Glass Ceiling

Zions Bancorporation in Utah is breaking boundaries with its work in supporting women in technology-specific roles, earning the bank a spot on the Women Tech Council’s Shatter List for the past four years.

Source: FDIC Call Report 2022Q4, Bureau of Labor Statistics 2022, ABA analysis



  • $18.2 BNew Home Loans Booked in 2022

  • 39,266Number of New Home Loans in 2022

  • $435,000Median New Home Loan Size in 2022

  • $5.7 BSmall Business Loans

  • 235.2 KNumber of Small Business Loans

  • $24,406Average Small Business Loan

  • $699.9 MSmall Farm Loans

  • 7,123Number of Small Farm Loans

  • $98,269Average Small Farm Loan

Source: FFIEC HMDA 2022, FFIEC CRA 2021, FDIC Call Report 2022Q4, ABA analysis



  • $850 BDeposits

  • 57Banks Operating Branches

  • 506Branches & Offices

  • 317Branches Offering Low Fee Bank On-certified Accounts

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Bank of Utah Helps Customers Spot Scammers

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Bank of Utah, committed to protecting their customers from online scams, was a very active participant in ABA’s #BanksNeverAskThat campaign. Their efforts to educate customers included posts on their social media platforms, as well as publishing blog posts and news stories about the importance of anti-phishing awareness. They provided their customers with tips for spotting a scammer, and best practices for avoiding other account-draining schemes.

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Source: FDIC Summary of Deposits 2022Q2, CFE Fund, ABA analysis

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