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Giving Back: Stories Across America's Banks

America's banks only succeed when the communities they operate in do as well. That's why in addition to providing loans and financial services, banks and the 2 million men and women who work for them are also deeply committed to volunteerism, community leadership and philanthropy. From providing free financial education lessons to students of all ages to serving on boards of local nonprofits and supporting military families with special education and hiring programs, bankers routinely volunteer their time and talents to ensure community needs are met.

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Affordable Housing 

Few needs are more basic than housing, and banks are working to make sure members of the communities they serve have access to affordable places to live. Affordable housing not only reduces homelessness, it supports jobs, provides stability to families and communities, promotes economic vitality and greatly enhances quality of life.

Community Development

Banks of all sizes partner with community organizations to stimulate local economies and tackle such challenges as homelessness, affordable housing and gentrification.

Disaster Response

Bank of the West, Tri Counties Bank and Golden Valley Bank in California stepped up to provide valuable aid to victims of the state’s wildfires.

Financial Education

Banks work to ensure their customers and communities have the knowledge and tools they need to make smart financial decisions. To improve financial capability across all age groups and demographics, bankers teach lessons and provide resources on topics like budgeting, saving, wise credit use and fraud prevention.

Investing in Communities

Whether sponsoring an event that drives traffic to local businesses or identifying opportunities to revitalize part of a city, bankers invest their time, expertise and leadership to make sure their communities have what they need to succeed.


Through their foundations and corporate giving programs, banks donate billions each year to provide essential support for nonprofits and charities across the country.

Support for Military

America's banks have a long and proud history of supporting our troops. From providing financial education to military families around the world to funding transitional housing for homeless veterans, the nation's banks are finding innovative ways of supporting those who serve our country.


When community groups need volunteer support and leadership they look to banks. From helping raise funds to bringing their financial skills to nonprofit boards, the women and men at America’s banks see community service and volunteerism as a natural extension of their work.

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