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Igniting Local Education




Igniting Local Education

The Huntington National Bank has partnered with the Ron Clark Academy since 2022, supporting educators and enhancing student learning in their communities. Their initiative, Ignite the Classroom, provides a unique and exciting professional development opportunity for more than 2,000 local principals, teachers, coaches, counselors and more.

The Ron Clark Academy, a highly acclaimed nonprofit middle school, has received international recognition for its success in creating a loving, dynamic learning environment that promotes academic excellence and fosters leadership – making them the ideal collaborators for Huntington, and the bank’s passion for education.

"This training is life-changing and can greatly impact how teachers prepare our next generation of leaders for success,” said Brant Standridge, president of consumer and regional banking at Huntington. “Our partnership with the Ron Clark Academy is designed to provide educators with high-quality training that will ultimately help enhance student learning and achievement.”

"We are grateful to Huntington Bank for supporting this important cause and for collaborating to help strengthen communities through education,” said Ron Clark, co-founder, Ron Clark Academy. “We know that when you affect the lives of teachers, you impact the lives of kids.”

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