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Bell Bank Partners with Black Business in Minneapolis

Bell Bank partnered with Minneapolis entrepreneur Houston White to help the city’s Camdentown neighborhood flourish. White’s coffee shop, The Get Down Coffee Co., aims to provide employment opportunities and neighborhood amenities to those in the area—predominantly underserved Black patrons. Seeing the importance of supporting local businesses and communities, Bell Bank is supporting the coffee shop during the critical stages of scaling the business—all while keeping an eye on the future with a multiyear partnership.

“As a bank that is committed to helping people who are underrepresented in their ability to access financial services, Bell Bank will work together with Houston White and The Get Down Coffee Co. to support the growth of jobs and the economy in Camdentown and beyond”, said Katie Mattis Sarver, Bell Bank’s community development officer.

 Of the future, “Black culture is American culture,” said White. “I’m honored to partner with Bell Bank because they understand that when you bring together culture plus capacity, the sky is the limit.” Together, Bell Bank and White are working on a number of expansion projects—including lending and mortgage programs—designed to help historically underserved entrepreneurs and homebuyers in north Minneapolis.

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