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Financial Education

Financial Education for All

In 2010, Banco Popular De Puerto Rico launched its Finanzas en Tus Manos (Finances in Your Hands) program which has improved the financial well-being of individuals and businesses throughout Puerto Rico ever since. The mission of Finanzas en Tus Manos is to transfer knowledge and personal finance management skills, beginning in early childhood, to transform and improve the financial health of Puerto Ricans.

Banco Popular’s financial education program is designed for primary and secondary schools and universities, as well as business owners, corporations, government agencies and a variety of other organizations. The program focuses on providing best practices for developing savings habits and personal financial management, and empowers customers and community members to take charge of their own financial awareness with the help of bank experts.

The ongoing success of this program has earned Banco Popular a 2020 Community Commitment Award from the ABA Foundation. This award recognizes and promotes the many valuable ways banks of all sizes contribute to economic growth, community development and enhancing the quality of life in their communities—and is a true badge of honor for any bank to earn.

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