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Making it on Maine Street




Making it on Maine Street

Machias Savings Bank in Machias, ME, wants their community to be a hub for small businesses to thrive. That’s why they collaborated with the Sunrise County Economic Council (SCEC) to help them build a state-of-the-art space for entrepreneurs in the heart of Main Street.

The Maine Street Business Building was a $1.4M project, centered just down the road from the bank’s new headquarters. Measuring 3,360 square feet, the building offers members access to open co-working and desk spaces, private meeting spaces and “relaxation zones” – created for entrepreneurs, startups and ideas to thrive. Machias Savings Bank supported this effort with a $25,000+ gift.

Denise Cilly, leader of the Maine Street Building project, said the SCEC has connected over 425 individuals, 175 businesses and collaborated with more than 50 partner organizations across Maine over the last few years. “We aim to connect entrepreneurs, innovators, and small business owners with the resources and learning opportunities they need, when they need them,” Cilley said.

This couldn’t be more important, and personal, for members of the community at Machias Savings Bank. “I’m somebody who grew up in Down East Maine,” said Jonathan Alley, regional SVP of Down East and Northern markets. “I recognize that when you drive through a town, it’s main street is the first thing that really defines that that community is all about.” With the help of Machias Savings Bank, the Maine Street Business Building opened in early 2023.

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