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One Banker’s Courage Makes a Difference

Jacque Cooper, a Fulton Bank market sales and service specialist and survivor of domestic violence, understands the challenges of leaving a dangerous situation. In 2019, she got involved with Turning Point of Lehigh Valley—an organization that has helped more than 85,000 victims of domestic and intimate partner abuse.

Jacque volunteers once a month during business hours (an approved, paid opportunity provided by Fulton), and encourages companies to develop policies that assist domestic violence victims. “I was grateful and proud to discover that Fulton Bank already had policies and resources on our HR hub to support employees who have experienced domestic abuse,” said Jacque. 

“Fulton’s feedback on policies to support employees who have been survivors of domestic abuse was integral to [our] research and outreach,” said Andrea Search, director of advancement for Turning Point. “Financial dependence is often a barrier to leaving a dangerous relationship. We want survivors to consider local bankers, like Fulton, as one of many helpful resources along the path to safety and self-sufficiency.” 

Through her work at the bank, Jacque has access to financial education materials that are part of the Fulton Forward® initiative, focused on four key areas: affordable housing and home ownership; job training and workforce development; financial education and economic empowerment; and diversity, equity and inclusion.

“By supporting causes that impact our employees, we’re truly changing lives for the better,” said Wm. “Smokey” Glover, executive vice president, director of fair and responsible banking, Fulton Bank. “Jacque is an amazing example of a Fulton banker going above and beyond for the community. We’re grateful for her courage, guidance and support, and hope to help other victims of domestic abuse any way we can.” 

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