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Arizona: Banks' Economic Impact

Banks support Arizona’s economy with consumer, business and other loans, and by providing more than 68,000 people with a rewarding place to work.

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  • 68,347Employees

  • $7 BTotal Annual Compensation & Benefits

  • $102,928Average Total Compensation & Benefits

  • 14Banks Headquartered in State

Source: FDIC Call Report 2022Q4, Bureau of Labor Statistics 2022, ABA analysis



  • $34.7 BNew Home Loans Booked in 2022

  • 85,684Number of New Home Loans in 2022

  • $375,000Median New Home Loan Size in 2022

  • $10.6 BSmall Business Loans

  • 519.8 KNumber of Small Business Loans

  • $20,396Average Small Business Loan

  • $1.5 BSmall Farm Loans

  • 22,183Number of Small Farm Loans

  • $68,231Average Small Farm Loan

Source: FFIEC HMDA 2022, FFIEC CRA 2021, FDIC Call Report 2022Q4, ABA analysis



  • $228 BDeposits

  • 67Banks Operating Branches

  • 1,030Branches & Offices

  • 801Branches Offering Low Fee Bank On-certified Accounts

Source: FDIC Summary of Deposits 2022Q2, CFE Fund, ABA analysis

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