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Wisconsin: Banks’ Economic Impact

Banks support Wisconsin’s economy with consumer, business and other loans, and by providing more than 34,000 people with a rewarding place to work.

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  • 34,149Employees

  • $3.1 BTotal Annual Compensation & Benefits

  • $90,077Average Total Compensation & Benefits

  • 170Banks Headquartered in State

Source: FDIC Call Report 2022Q4, Bureau of Labor Statistics 2022, ABA analysis



  • $14.3 BNew Home Loans Booked in 2022

  • 54,150Number of New Home Loans in 2022

  • $235,000Median New Home Loan Size in 2022

  • $9.8 BSmall Business Loans

  • 307.2 KNumber of Small Business Loans

  • $31,870Average Small Business Loan

  • $734.6 MSmall Farm Loans

  • 11,194Number of Small Farm Loans

  • $65,620Average Small Farm Loan

Loan Pools Making Lives Better

Bank Five Nine’s mission is to Make Lives Better, and they did just that when they created special loan pool programs in the communities they serve, in absence of other funding sources. Now with 11 active programs, these funds have contributed more than $5.5M to nearly 200 local, downtown businesses.

Source: FFIEC HMDA 2022, FFIEC CRA 2021, FDIC Call Report 2022Q4, ABA analysis



  • $206 BDeposits

  • 205Banks Operating Branches

  • 1,742Branches & Offices

  • 503Branches Offering Low Fee Bank On-certified Accounts

Dementia Friendly Banking

More than 150 employees of Wausau, Wisconsin’s Incredible Bank have completed the bank’s Dementia Friendly Training Program, aimed at protecting and empowering vulnerable customers struggling with dementia.

Source: FDIC Summary of Deposits 2022Q2, CFE Fund, ABA analysis

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