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Emergency Room Renovations

Greenfield Cooperative Bank contributed $100,000 to support the expansion and renovation of Cooley Dickinson Hospital’s emergency department, kicking off the hospital’s new $1M fundraising challenge.

The bank’s gift will support the hospital’s $26M project, which will add 7,700 square feet, nine new patient rooms, eight behavioral health beds and a family waiting area. The emergency room will also be able to acquire a CT scanning machine, allowing for timely access to vital diagnostic imaging.

Cooley Dickinson is expected to serve 40,000 emergency department patients this year alone, in a 1970s-era building designed for 17,000 patients annually. Meeting today’s needs in a building of the past leaves patients to be treated in hallways – a less-than-ideal means of care.

The emergency department’s overall fundraising campaign has raised nearly $7.2M to date. With the help of Greenfield Cooperative Bank, Cooley Dickinson plans to expand its services to care for an aging population that is triple what it was just 10 years ago and provide additional beds for those experiencing mental health emergencies. This undertaking, which will increase the current space by 40%, is expected to be completed in 2025.

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